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Today was a good day

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Today was a good day
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The Elder™
Join Date: May 2004
Location: The Rostra
2005-01-05, 19:32

Within 4 hours:

I was told by my doctor that some previous medical issues will not require surgery!

Cingular called to tell me that there were sending me a Motorola V551 for free, no strings attached!

I got a call letting me know on Friday I am going to be offered a job that pays a lot more than my last one!

So, today was a good day.


¡Viva La Revolucion!
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Minnesota
2005-01-05, 21:01

Wow. You must have been offsetting my day.

I woke up, not to an alarm (must have turned my alarm off in my sleep), and notice that the clock says it's 8:08 AM. I was supposed to be at the library and have it opened up by 8. Fuck.

I skip breakfast and showering because I have to leave right away. Lucky for me I packed a lunch last night so I stuff it into my jacket pockets and go outside. I drag my bike outside because I'm late and I can't just wait for a bus to show up. It's not insanely cold out, but it's still pretty damn cold. I'd guess 0-10 F.

On my way biking there, my hands and legs go completely numb from the cold. Also, I fall off my bike once and nearly fall off a couple more times because it's really icy out. Good thing I'm not hurt and my bike's not damaged.

Work is uneventful. At least my boss doesn't really chew me out for being late. Just asks what happened. However, one of the areas of the library where I work is being kept extremely hot for some reason. I'm thinking 80 F or higher even. So now my unwashed body is sweating as I shelve books in this area. I work as quickly as possible so I can move on to someplace else and cool off. But I can tell I'm probably stinking up the place. Good thing there are hardly any patrons over winter break.

I'm just starting to feel pretty good about things when I realize that since I biked here, I have to bike back.

Jesus H. Christ.

Once I got back the inside of my jacket was damp from sweat even though I was really cold. Very unpleasant feeling. But now it's dried out, I had some dinner, and I'm feeling pretty good. Seriously though, today sucked quite a bit of ass.

Yesterday rocked though! I got up at 7 AM after having gotten a whopping 13 hours of sleep, and I actually got some grocery shopping and laundry done over the course of the day. The only problem is that it took me until 3 AM to get tired again, which led to me getting not enough sleep and therefore I woke up late for work.
Hates the Infotainment
Join Date: May 2004
Location: NSA Archives
2005-01-06, 01:08

I was waiting for HOM to say he was "freakin brothers every way like MJ".

Seriously, congrats on all of your good news. It's days like those that make life worth livin, I'd say.

...into the light of a dark black night.
Subdued and Medicated
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Over Yander
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2005-01-06, 02:24

Oh yea, I woke up this morning an hour after I was supposed to leave.
But, after a adrenaline high that would cause a sloth burst into flame, I discovered that my Atomic Clock set itself to central time (not Pacific). After fixing it, I crawled back into my warm bed (fully dressed) and quickly fell asleep.

I forgot to set the alarm.

I woke up on my own and the clock said I was an hour late again. Jump up, Adrenelin, Panic, quick shower, no breakfast, pack laptop and books, grab iPod and iTrip, keys, wallet, watch, sweater, watch.... WTF! Its only been 15 minutes! I checked another clock and sure enough, I'm back in central time.

Needless to say, I've been playing catch-up all day. What a hell of a way to start a day. School wasn't any better. But I gotta say, despite this setback, 2005 is still looking a lot better than 2004. Good riddance.

^^ One more quality post from the desk of Ebby. ^^
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Last edited by Ebby : 2005-01-06 at 02:29.
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Road Warrior
2005-01-06, 02:40

My day was mostly uneventful, until dinner time, when, right when we sat down to eat a nice dinner we made(baked potato dish, nice salad, shrimp and fresh bread) The dog(who despite wanting to eat 24/7, has a pretty sensitive stomach) pukes on the rug. So we put her in the garage, and I pick up the rug and throw it outside. As I'm outside, a bird flies into the kitchen. well, we are a little surprised, but decide to enjoy our dinner first, and deal with it afterward. We spent about an hour trying to catch or ward the bird out the door. (got REALLY close a handful of times) but we have an absurdly high ceiling and it's very challenging to get the bird to an area we can goad it around. So there is a bird chilling up on the highest window sill. We're still not exactly sure what the best method to get it out would be. Closest I got was cornering it in a hallway, and throwing a towel over it, it got it to the ground, but as I went to pick up the towel(with bird inside it) the bird managed to get out and fly to the ceiling again.
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