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LegoNova: Thread of Just One More Brick I Swear

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LegoNova: Thread of Just One More Brick I Swear
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On twitter: @bwyatt
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2012-09-16, 17:29

Toys R Us is having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on pretty much all Lego this week. Some things are excluded (like the Friends series), but it covers almost everything.

At the very least, I'll probably stop in later this week to pick up some minifigures. I've only got one series 8 so far, and there are a ton that I want.

Anybody else planning to hit the sale?
On twitter: @bwyatt
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Near Indianapolis
2012-09-23, 15:48

I'm locked up at home on bed rest. My wife felt bad for me and hit the sale in my place yesterday. She bought me two minifigures (the fairy and the German pretzel guy, who is awesome) and this set:
It took me a while to build on the couch, but I had a great time doing it. My daughter has been playing with it a little, and she thinks it's amazing. Tomorrow I might tear it down and build the alternate plane.

I've got one more Lego thing on the agenda this week: finishing the modular pet shop, which I've had for months. I built about 75% of it when I first got it, but I've not had a chance to finish it. Now I've got all the time in the world, and I'm excited about seeing the finished product.
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2013-03-10, 21:30

Originally Posted by Mac+ View Post
Growing up I loved the Technical Lego sets - as I remember them being called.
I had the original tractor 851 from the first year of release and the motorbike and sidecar, but my favourite was 8860 - note that the suspension was different in Australia.
(I switched the steering around too, of course.)
OMG, Mac+! That Lego Technic car with the suspension and moving pistons in the engine was my favorite ever as a kid.

Over the past months, I've become a bit of a AFOL myself. It all started with the Lego Architecture series. I had a down day, and decided to go to the toy store and buy the Farnsworth House. I had spotted it while shopping with the kids earlier in the year. Building this kit instantly reignited my childhood passion for playing with Legos.

The other trigger is that my kids are now old enough to build the sets I get them, and not break them (at least not right away). I also found the the Lego Star Wars series was a fantastic way to introduce my kids to Star Wars before showing them the actual trilogy (and then the prequels).

Then, over the holidays, we visited the Bay Area and happened upon a giant Lego display by BAYLUG, the Bay Area Lego User Group, in Palo Alto. Some of the members were selling boxed kits at below-retail prices. So I picked up as much as I thought I could fit in our luggage.

Now the kids have built a Lego city inside our house. There are a bunch of City kits, with extra buildings built from boxes of bricks, and a space link, to connect the City into the Star Wars series and Space theme.

What a kick! Thank you, Robo, for starting this thread.

I've been waiting for a true sub-PowerBook for more than 10 years. The 11-inch MacBook Air finally delivers on all counts! It beats the hell out of both my PowerBook 2400c and my 12-inch PowerBook G4 -- no contest whatsoever.
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