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Wireless rage IBook vs Pbook

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Wireless rage IBook vs Pbook
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Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Vancouver, BC
2005-03-24, 13:11

I am getting ready to buy an Apple notebook either a 14" IBook or a 12" PBook. I'm waiting for Tiger and the memory bump that will likely come with it.
I will be using a wireless connection around the house so I can keep an eye on my kids while they're in the yard etc. I've heard that the PB doesn't have the same range as the IBook as the antenna in encased in metal. Realistically, what kind of range can I expect from the PB? Can I wander around my house and into my yard while the router is on the scond floor?

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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Zone of Pain
2005-03-24, 13:38

Realistically? That depends on a lot of factors.

It depends on the router.
It depends on the type of antenna on the router.
It depends on the position of the antenna on the router.
It depends on the materials in the walls of your house.
It depends on if your neighbers also have a router.
It depends on if you have a running microwave or other high frequnecy devices in the house.
It depends on the size of your house.
It depends on the relative position of the router on the second floor.

Generally, though, a good router will reach your iBook/PowerBook all around your house if it's placed somewhere near the middle. I know some people that can walk out on their porches and into the yard and still get usable reception, but I also know others who have trouble just 20 feet away.

I can't speak much for personal experience because my current housemate's wireless hub is a cheap, old piece of crap. Last summer, though, I shared a townhouse and could get access to my PowerBook from in my car, parallel parked across the street.

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Join Date: Mar 2005
2005-03-24, 13:40

my g3 Ibook got very good range. I would say this might have something to do with the type of Wireless Router, but (i have a linksys B) I could get a signal on a my ibook a few houses down.

Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Vancouver, BC
2005-03-24, 13:51

Thanks. Sound like it's more dependant to the router than the antenna. My work only supports Linksys routers so I guess that's what I guess I'll go with. What are the oddds that someone out there has an PB and and IB in the same household???

As for the PB vs IB I guess I'm no closer to a decision. I'll have to go to a store and get my hands on a 12" PB to see if I can live with the scree size. I did live with a 9" greyscale Mac Classic once upon a time...
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Austin, Texas
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2005-03-25, 00:16

Actually I have a G3 iBook and a G4 Powerbook in my house at the moment (iBook was on loan from a friend, till I got the Powerbook last weekend, just hasn't been returned quite yet) but I havent noticed all that much difference in signal strength on them, though I haven't tried either one past about 20 feet outside my apartment.
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Vancouver, BC
2005-03-25, 23:22

Wow! I thought getting someone with both an IBook and a PB was a stretch. Thanks Kiren. So my only real dilemma is the screen size now. That'll have to be decided in a store. The price difference over a PC will be a hard pill to swallow but I had no regrets with either my Classic or my PowerMac 7300. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm dating myself.
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