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Buying Apple abroad (An Apple-shop n00b)

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Buying Apple abroad (An Apple-shop n00b)
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Join Date: Jul 2005
2005-07-27, 01:38

I looked at buying an Apple for a long time, but here in the UK they're still pretty expensive and there aren't any Apple shops locally.

However next month I'll be in Toronto for a week and will probably look to pick up the new 14" iBook while I'm there. I just have a few questions about these stores:

Do they usually stock the entire iBook/Powerbook/etc range in-store?

Do they Build To Order systems in-store or does that require significant waiting while they ship stuff from Apple?

I was looking at the new 1.42Ghz iBook but I've already got a dvd rewriter at home and I assume that it would kill the battery when I'm out and about, so I'm not bothered about Superdrive, and by changing to the combo drive, I could save a good $130 (Canadian).

Graphics-wise, is the stock Radeon 9550 w/32mb in there forever, or is it/will it be possible to upgrade it at some point? I might be missing something but isn't 64mb V-Ram needed for Tigers Core Image stuff?

If they do build to order, is it as extortionate as the upgrades found on the Apple online store?

Finally (If there are any Canadians reading) are the online prices the same as the in-store prices? What kind of tax do you pay with purchases? Is this included in the displayed price?

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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2005-07-27, 02:33

If it's an official Apple Retail Store, all standard models should be kept in stock. Build-to-order options are not available from the retail locations; they are simply ordered online just as if you were ordering from home.

No, you cannot change or upgrade the graphics card after purchase. In notebook systems like the iBook and PowerBook, it's not really a card so much as a dedicated part of the motherboard.

Online prices are the same as in-store prices.

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2005-07-27, 03:40

If you are looking for a BTO you could get it sent to friend to hold for awhile (if possible).

When taking it back you will most likely need to throw the box away, so plan on also buying a good sleeve or such as well and then take it on as carry on luggage.

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2005-07-27, 03:56

Originally Posted by Brad
No, you cannot change or upgrade the graphics card after purchase. In notebook systems like the iBook and PowerBook, it's not really a card so much as a dedicated part of the motherboard.
Yup, and the eMac, Mac Mini, and iMac...
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