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Does a DVD or HD take more battery power?

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Does a DVD or HD take more battery power?
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Join Date: Apr 2005
2006-04-30, 08:31

Quick question for you guys.

What's better to conserve battery power...watching a movie via mp4 on my Hard drive or watching a DVD via the disk drive or watching a DVD ripped to my Hard drive?

Seems like I get more hours via the Dvd?? Has anyone else found this?
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Charlotte, NC
2006-04-30, 08:33

HD. It spins much more easily, and it has to be on most of the time, anyway.
Franz Josef
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: London, Europe
2006-04-30, 09:40

as ghoti said, watching from HD much more efficient.
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2006-04-30, 10:01

Or, you could buy a card reader and a compact Flash memory card. They have mini-hard drive versions that go up to 8gb I think. That will REALLY save power.

Join Date: Apr 2005
2006-04-30, 16:17

That's an awesome idea about the card reader.

Anyone else try this w/a 4 gb flash card?
rams it
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Seattle
2006-04-30, 17:01

I don't think the card reader would save enough battery power to compensate for the insane price you'd have to pay for a 4 to 8 gb card. I think windowsrookie was half kidding anyway.

You'd be fine using your HD.
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2006-04-30, 17:15

In order to save power with USB, the hard drive would have to be idle. (not spinning) Otherwise you are using a hard drive and USB.

Between formats, a MPEG2 file uses less compression and therefore less processor power to play back. MP4 files save lots of space but use more CPU power. I would use MPEG2 to bet the most of your battery life. This doesn't matter much on the latest laptops, but I can squeeze about 20-30 minutes extra from my 400Mhz Pismo.

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