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iPod / iPhone / iPad File Management Apps

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iPod / iPhone / iPad File Management Apps
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Hates the Infotainment
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2012-12-28, 20:36

So we all know iTunes sucks at allowing us to do things like move songs from old iPods, into the Library, and onto new iPods or other devices. In doing a little research it seems like the worthwhile apps all have a small number of demo files they allow to be transferred then you pay.

I figure if I'm going to pay why not get the best one for all devices and updated for iTunes 11. So I discovered iExplorer 3.

Have any of you guys used this and if so do you like it / do you feel it was worth it for managing music especially, and other media / files?

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2012-12-29, 10:28

I can see occasionally needing this (such as when my main library isn't available), but why would one regularly use it? If the goal is to have music on the iPhone available on the Mac as well, iTunes does this just fine; you can't regularly add music to the iPhone without going through iTunes or the iTunes Store, and either way, it'll be in your iTunes library as well. So unless you frequently use a hack like SharePod, in which case, too, you already have the music on your computer already, I don't see the point.

iExplorer won't let you actually access the file system, unless you've jailbroken your iPhone.

What am I missing?

TL;DR: what problem are you trying to solve here?
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