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iBook and PowerBook: the question again

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iBook and PowerBook: the question again
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Italy
2005-02-03, 18:42


after following the looooooooong thread on new PowerBooks I finally decided to buy a new PB15 with SuperDrive. But I have a last minute question.

Considering that:

1. I already have a main laptop, IBM ThinkPad T42p
2. I owned a G4 iBook 12" last year and was too small for me
3. I use the laptop to program in C++ and OpenGL

Should I buy an iBook 14" with SD instead of the PB??

Help please!!!
Veteran Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
2005-02-03, 19:00

I have the feeling there aren't any strong budget constraints? I'll base my recommendations on that.

You don't tell why you want the Superdrive, and if you could do without.

Also no mention of if you considered using external screen. If you used one you could get by with a 12" PB, which is easier to transport and costs less. Same size as the 12" iBook but with external display, who cares what the computer is like.

If the 12" iBook is too small, then the 14" iBook is also too small, just bigger. Same resolution, you'll fit the same amount on the screen and still have the poor external display support.

It definitely sounds like you want the 15" PB which by the way is an *amazing* machine after the recent bump. I had the last model and that was already perfect, I'm surprised they found so many things to improve on it.

edit: just realized you program OpenGL. The 15":s GPU is Mobility Radeon 9700, head and shoulders above the Geforce FX5200 in 12" PB, and might have features that you want to use. Dig up the feature lists, or just go with the 15" to be safe.

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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Italy
2005-02-03, 19:18

Thanks for your help

Actually, I have some budget constraints... with a strong effort I can arrive to the PB but, of course, if the iBook can do what I need It is better for me to buy something 6/700 euros cheeper.
Anyway, I do plan to use the laptop WITHOUT an external monitor and, although the 12" and 14" iBook have the same res, I thought that in the 14" I can use a smaller font for code (the real need I have is viewing a lot of code per screen) I can fit in it more lines (because of its bigger size).
Regarding OpenGL, yes here the PB is far superior.
What about future compatibility with Tiger? The video card should not be supported: is it a big problem?

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