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trasnfering back-up HD of old ibook to a new ibook?

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trasnfering back-up HD of old ibook to a new ibook?
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waiting to be enlightened
New Member
Join Date: May 2005
2005-05-07, 19:49

My ibook crashed too many times (now it doesn't show anything on the screen), so I'm planning on getting a new ibook.

I have backed up the older ibook's HD onto my external HD before it crashed. when i get a new ibook, can i assume that i can drag everything on the external HD onto the new ibook and voila, i have exactly the same stuff (like extra applications that i've acquired in the past) on the new HD? or should i be aware of some things that might not transfer? when i get a new ibook, how do i go about formatting it and transfering everything i had on my older coputer?

i have to get rid of my older computer before i buy a new one, so i wanted to make sure if there's anything i should do before i wipe off my older ibook in order to have the new ibook contain everything i used to have on the older one.

I'm not so savvy with computers (as you can tell), i would greatly your appreciate guidance. thank you so much.
Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: San Francisco, CA
2005-05-07, 20:24

I believe that all new Macs come with a "Migration Assistant, which (if you have a Firewire cable) will transfer your settings to the new computer. If you want it to be exactly the same, I have heard that Carbon Copy Cloner is the best at cloning complete hard drives.
waiting to be enlightened
New Member
Join Date: May 2005
2005-05-08, 01:08

thank you -
however, given my situation, i can't download CCC onto my ibook that i have (it's crashed, and it doesn't show anything on the screen). everything has been backed up on the external HD already, using silverkeeper.

if CCC is recommended, how can i convert what i've saved onto the external HD from silverkeeper back-up to CCC back-up? Would that require another functioning computer to hook up to the older ibook to do target-mode?

i would greatly appreciate your help....
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Location: Durham, NC
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2005-05-08, 08:20

Please don't cross-post.
Join Date: Feb 2005
2005-05-08, 10:45

If you have a firewire cable, I would say that the easiest way to get your datas back is to connect your both Ibook together with it and start the broken Ibook on taget mode... Your new Ibook will then mount the hard drive of your old Ibook and you'll see everything you had on it

To start your old Ibook in target mode, just press the "t" key while starting it, your other ibook must already be started though

Good luck
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