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Minecraft 1.19 (The Wild Update)

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Minecraft 1.19 (The Wild Update)
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Selfish Heathen
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Yesterday, 19:28

Oh, do continue to mine and craft as usual! When I perform the updates and trims, my plan is to shut down the game, download the world from T's server to my local machine, clear those smaller chunks locally using Amulet, upload back to T's server, and start it all back up. That should preserve everything you do right up to the last second, assuming you aren't working in a chunk that's about to get deleted.

I have my resource pack ready for the most part. I've compared the two releases and found there are lots of tiny changes since 1.18.x, but most are irrelevant to the kinds of things I like to clean up. The only noteworthy resources that I've changed are a couple of buckets (tadpole and snow), a new music disc, and the new mangrove logs, planks, and signs. I'll probably scrub through everything one last time looking for any nuisances to address, but I think that's it for now. Since they hired new artists a couple years ago, the default textures in Minecraft have gotten much better overall, IMO. You can see my recent changes here:

Unless anyone wants to wait, I was thinking about running through the updates this weekend, though I was hoping Optifine would be ready by then. There are still no preview builds, but last Saturday (June 18) their Twitter account said "1.19 is now 60% complete. (fixing settings)" … but nothing since. 🤷‍♂️ It'll probably be ready in the next couple of weeks anyway. So, you guys just let me know if you'd prefer to wait or not. I haven't been using Optifine with my local 1.19, instead trying out some alternate performance and graphics rendering mods, but of course Optifine is still the reigning champ.

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Today, 07:46

The thing I rely on OptiFine for mostly is its dynamic lighting, so living without it for a couple of weeks wouldn't be a dealbreaker (though it would make me tread more carefully in the new caverns).

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Since they hired new artists a couple years ago, the default textures in Minecraft have gotten much better overall, IMO. You can see my recent changes here:
How did banner patterns never have an icon before? Seems like an oversight on Mojang's end now that I see it. Great idea!

So it goes.
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