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2021Q2 - Best iPad Drawing Apps

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2021Q2 - Best iPad Drawing Apps
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
2021-04-20, 14:55

I am sorely tempted to get an iPad to use for illustrating.

Do any of you (or know someone who does) use an iPad for illustration?

What do you / they use?

Or what do you hear?

Or what do you suspect?

Or make up something.


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2021-04-20, 15:26

I'm no artist by hand though I like to think I'm good with a camera. That being said, I have an older iPad Pro (think current iPad Air) and have the second generation Pencil and love it. The interaction when drawing is amazing. I really do feel like if you are used to paper you could get used to the Pencil and iPad. I still find myself struggling with thinking I have to keep my hand from resting on the screen while I use the Pencil but it isn't a problem.

I don't use any real art apps. My uses are Notes and signing documents more than anything. Markdown too I suppose and that is an OS wide thing.

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Mr. Katan
Join Date: May 2004
2021-05-09, 09:39

During my brief iPad ownership in ~2013, I used an app called Paper(?). It was a "natural media" type of thing, like the old Fractal Design Painter back in the day (anyone remember the Mac app that came in a paint can?). You had all the brushes, pens, crayons, charcoal, smudgers, etc. and then about 14 gazillion paper/canvas types to choose from. I have no idea if it even exists, but, for what it did, it was pretty awesome. And that was 7-8 years ago, so if it is still around, then it's going to be 7-8 years' worth of more awesome, I'm sure. I'm not really a freeform, artsy/painterly type of drawer, but that app kinda turned me into one. I was drawing the shit out of flowers, leaves, landscapes, sunsets, etc. for a while there. And no real-world mess/clean up! It was pretty awesome and I felt pretty artistic. I used it on a plane trip once and it caused the cutie-pie/vixen sitting next to me to strike up a "oh wow, that's really're very talented!" conversation the entire flight, so it gets extra points for that.

And going strictly by my Mac-based usage, I'd have to say give the two Affinity packages a look...Design and Photo. Design is more the Illustrator, Photo is the Photoshop. Probably not straight-ahead casual drawing apps, but the number of tools and functions, for a one-time price, will put that level of software on your iPad, subscription-free. I'm sure the pixel-based Photos will offer all kinds of freeform drawing tools.

There are quite a few articles from the first half of 2021 that highlight/showcase "the best 15 iPad drawing apps", etc. Do a quick Google and you'll probably fine more info/reviews than you can shake a stick at.
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