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Anyone ever use Apple's chat support feature?

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Anyone ever use Apple's chat support feature?
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2008-09-05, 14:18

So, I just had a very entertaining (and disappointing) conversation with Apple's chat support staff.

My address wasn't working (again) so I figured I'd check to see if its' a known issue or not.

I get a support person in the chat window, and we begin our exchange.

Initially I just want to know if there are any known problems. Answer is no.

Fine, I'm willing to let this slide, since my address has been horribly unreliable off an on for ages now. Nothing new, and I know it will fix itself eventually.

However, in an effort to be helpful the support person decides to offer up some additional suggestions.

The kicker?

"Maybe your having an internet outage"


Maybe my internet is broken? How cliche is that, and how STUPID (aside from all the technical definitions that are completely off there, and the spelling problems) to suggest to someone that you're chatting with in a web browser session.


Seriously, Apple needs to get their chat staff up to snuff. That was worse than advising me to "reboot the router".

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2008-09-05, 14:28

Originally Posted by alcimedes View Post
That was worse than advising me to "reboot the router".
That's my favorite recommendation that Time Warner always gives, and they also always make sure to add "make sure you shut down all connected computers" while power cycling.
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