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COVID-19 Outbreak

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COVID-19 Outbreak
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2020-10-04, 17:53

Classic. I'm sure the real doctors at Walter Reed are tickled pink.
Dick in the Abstentia, The
Join Date: May 2004
2020-10-05, 04:21

I hope he gets/is really, really sick. I don't care whether he lives or dies.

Those are the only results that serve the greater good as far as things stand ATM.
9" monochrome
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2020-10-05, 06:45

Originally Posted by Matsu View Post
The only safe outcome for the American people is now to hope that the president recovers fully and then is so utterly destroyed in both popular vote and electoral college that he has no choice but to concede to a peaceful transfer of power; and, that following his exit from office, both he and his cabal of cleptocrats (extended family and children) is punished to the full extent of the law for every breach of office (as president), and for any and all transgressions for which there is evidence to convict him of any misdeeds as a private citizen. But those are a lot of hurdles to clear...

The danger of not clearing them borders on civil war, especially for the first few, certainly civil unrest not seen since peak of civil rights resistance in the late 50's early 60's. I know it sounds insane to think it, but he has so successfully fomented existing conflicts and unrest, that in any other nation in the world a security analyst would at least raise a threat level warning. There are too many guns and too much ignorance to have the same confidence in the virtues of the American people or their government that we once had.

Superb post Matsu

I feel very sorry for what has been brought upon the American people.
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2020-10-05, 23:42

Originally Posted by Mac+ View Post

Superb post Matsu

I feel very sorry for what has been brought upon the American people.
It's a shitty situation, but ultimately, we brought this fucking mess upon ourselves. We elected a goddamn sociopathic moron who gives zero shits about anyone except himself.

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