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The RIAA/MPAA Thread

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The RIAA/MPAA Thread
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reticulating your mom
Join Date: Jan 2005
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2006-02-13, 18:44

Anywho, I'm assigned to write a school research paper about sharing copyrighted files, the RIAA/MPAA, lawsuits, etc. The assignment includes developing a thesis as to my opinion on the lawsuits, and the morality of sharing music/movies online.

I find it difficult to conduct research on this topic, because often those who are most "in the know" about file sharing and the lawsuits are avid file sharers themselves, although this article has proved to be very insightful. You guys have proved to be a very level-headed and informed community, hence this thread.

Now before we begin discussion, let's review the posting guidelines, in the interest of keeping this thread legit:

Originally Posted by Posting Guidelines
Posting requests or information about obtaining pirated or illegally-distributed software is prohibited. Any and all such posts may be removed without warning. If the offending member continues with such posts, he or she is subject to immediate suspension from the forums for any amount of time the administrators or moderators deem necessary. Furthermore, posts asking for technical support regarding pirated software, requesting or breaking serial numbers, or otherwise bypassing licensing schemes is also not allowed and will be treated in the same manner as posts that directly ask for pirated software.
With that out of the way, I've noticed growing angst towards these regulatory organizations as of late. There are more news articles every day showing what corporate greed can wreak amongst working-class families. "eff the RIAA" has become a popular cliche among students at my school, and every lawsuit news story seems to be getting everybody angrier at the RIAA and MPAA. You wouldn't believe how much anti-RIAA/MPAA stuff (t-shirts, stickers, signs) I've seen around town lately.

What are your thoughts on the lawsuits, and the RIAA/MPAA? Defenders of intellectual property, or greedy exploitive asses?

How are they getting the information to incriminate these people? Loads of people at my school share music/movies through Gnutella, and more recently BitTorrent... how much of a risk are they taking?

I'm not starting this thread for advice on sharing copyrighted content (note to newer members: please keep such file sharing advice out of the thread to avoid lockification), but rather to gain insight as to the method to these organizations' madness.

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2006-02-13, 18:53

I think you should remember that no one here (that I know of) is a lawyer, and you will likely get a lot of misinformation as to what is legal or not. Which is the problem with the DMCA, it's poorly written legislation that contradicts itself.

You would do good for yourself to spend time at the RIAA's site and at the EFF site.

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Subdued and Medicated
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2006-02-13, 18:58

OH... MY... GAWD...

Don't get me started on this old rant.

Too late
I rarely download anything except TV shows that I tried to record but missed from schedule changes or weak signal. The way I justify it is that they gave me the signal in the first place, I just couldn't receive it. I know, weak.

But what really, really gets my goat is the fact that all these lawsuits channel money directly to the record studios, not the "hurt artists". The AA's are making boatloads of money off suing people, far exceeding that of claimed damages. Since their primary purpose is to distribute music (and that is EXACTLY that P2P does) they should embrace P2P as part of their business model.

You know what, this is going to turn into a LONG rant, I can tell. I have class soon so I'll try to get back to this.

^^ One more quality post from the desk of Ebby. ^^
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2006-02-13, 20:36

Downloading anything from P2P is playing russian roulette.

That said, I greatly enjoy having access to basically anything I want. There are VERY few things I've ever downloaded and felt guilty about, and I don't plan to stop for most things as I find laws prohibiting them to be silly.

I'll list several of the reasons I don't feel bad below, but one of the biggest reasons that is detrimental to my argument somewhat, but true, is that I wouldn't get it anyways if it wasn't available. I won't list any examples.

Ok, onto some of the reasons I hate the RIAA, and some possible reasons to their 'lost sales.'

•Poor macro-economic conditions
•Reduction in number of releases
•Growing competition from other industries
-Sharp decline in DVD technology prices (causing a boom in any industry dependent on them)
•Similar unexplainable drop in 1970s/1980s
•Equalization of sales from replacement of older formats

It's all pretty ridiculous though because while they continue to complain, other industries (although the MPAA are b——s) continue to grow while they are also effected by P2P.
The Hoarding Packrat™
Join Date: Oct 2005
2006-02-13, 21:01

The way it should be:
I buy, say, Microsoft Office. I bought it, so I should have the right to givee it to as many people as I want, as I bought it and I am handing it out. But a person who was given it by me cannot hand it out, as they did not buy it, they got it from me who bought it.
I think it makes sense...but might've been a bad example, people would distribute Office anyway.
reticulating your mom
Join Date: Jan 2005
Send a message via AIM to atomicbartbeans  
2006-02-13, 21:12

ast3r3x, how is file sharing like playing russian roulette?

Do the MPAA and RIAA use technologies to infiltrate p2p networks and get people's IP addresses, or do they just go by word-of-mouth/informants (eg. "my friend downloads music")?

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Selfish Heathen
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2006-02-13, 21:22

Originally Posted by atomicbartbeans
Do the MPAA and RIAA use technologies to infiltrate p2p networks and get people's IP addresses
Sucker for shiny objects
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2006-02-13, 21:26

I was wondering when a thread like this would come out.

Ill chime in later with my thoughts, but Ars is a good place for articles about this type of thing.

Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
2006-02-13, 22:42

I pay ~10 cents for high quality songs. I don't do much file sharing, and definately not for the crappy quality songs that are common on P2P networks.
is the next Chiquita
Join Date: Feb 2005
2006-02-13, 22:59

ABB, did you check your college library? They should have database to all legal and performing arts (music) periodicals that will have a peer reviewed articles that will be much more credible than a Tim's Guide to Envading RIAA.
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