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Where will the iPod go in 5 years?

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Where will the iPod go in 5 years?
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2006-03-08, 02:37

Why wouldn't wireless earphones have a small connecting wire between the earpieces that runs behind your neck?
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2006-03-08, 11:16

Originally Posted by
I think you are right on the mark here. I think that the touch screen form factor will be the new standard across iPods and flash memory will be the standard on all but the largest iPods but most of all I think wireless technology will be implemented across the line. I think that wireless earphones are next to useless unless someone figures out a way to implant them in your ear so that you don't lose them but I think that wireless synching and even more important wireless streaming will change how we use our iPods. Imagine if all new automobiles came with 802.11n equipped stereos and iPods could stream to them. I already have a Denison Icelink installed in my car and use it a lot but there could be a cleaner solution. Your iPod could play to any networked speakers!
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2006-03-08, 12:16

Originally Posted by julesstoop
Why wouldn't wireless earphones have a small connecting wire between the earpieces that runs behind your neck?
I wouldn't want them that way. I think they'd look a bit dorkish, like the string holding glasses on to your head. I always say people only have those glasses tie so their glasses stay on when someone slaps them in the back of the head.

I think it would be smarter and more comfortable to have wireless earphones that attach by way of something that fits around your ear.
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2006-03-08, 13:03

Has no one ever seen cell-phone headsets? They just clip right onto the ear, and they don't seem like they're about to fall off all of the time.
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2006-03-08, 13:15

According to one anylyst whom I was reading about in MacUser, within 6 years, at this a rate a 1 TB iPod should be available...

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2006-03-09, 22:07

personally I would rather see an ipod with camera/video, pda, and cell phone than an ipod with better res. for video play back and i don't want an ipod micro or ipod invisa.
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2006-03-11, 00:40

A handy add-on that seems very plausible is a camera feature. Cell phones have done it, why not iPods?
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