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Weird LCD iMac VRAM problems

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Weird LCD iMac VRAM problems
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2004-05-20, 23:45

is it possible that the powered speakers on an LCD iMac could give video ram errors?

we have an iMac at work that consistantly errors on the vram when at work, with only a keyboard, mouse and speakers attached. sent it in to two different places to get the logic board replaced, and both places say they can't find any errors.

as you can see:

the thing is pretty obviously screwed up. i already chewed out one tech who had been a prick saying there was nothing wrong, but we brought it somewhere else and they can't find a problem either.

any ideas?

i've plugged it into a UPS to make sure the power going in wasn't crappy. other than that it's the same stuff connected to it, unless there might be something wrong with the power cord that plugs into it, but i'm stumped.
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2004-05-21, 00:48

Whoa! That looks exactly like what is happening with my laptop screen with the exception of the Kernel Panic and red bar at the top. Next time this happens I will run my diagnostic CD.

I found that temperature and humidity affect trigger my machine and I can even start to predict when the screen might "bug out". But take not that every computer behaves differently. What may affect me may not have the same results for you.

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