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Ipod Mini accessories

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Ipod Mini accessories
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2005-02-23, 18:45


I recently had my 3.G iPod 20GB stolen . Now I am thinking about getting a new 2.G mini. Howerver I still have most of my accessories and wonder if I can continue to use them. What about the dock? Is it the same for the Ipod and the mini? Also the new minis seem to come without a firewire cable. Can I use the one from my old iPod? Last but not least, does anyone know if Griffin iTrip and car charger work with the mini?

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2005-02-23, 18:58

The mini and the 3G and 4G iPods use the same physical dock connector, so the Firewire cable and car charger should work. The dock will not since it's physically not the right size and shape. And the iTrip won't work as there's a different version intended specifically for the mini.
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2005-02-23, 19:38

You could sell your 3g accessories on eBay and get enough bank to get a new dock... but it probably isn't worth the money...
I suggest looking into XtremeMac's FM transmitter that doesn't require software OR batteries... much nicer.

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2005-02-24, 03:51

Luca, how can the Dock not work if the connector is the same? Do you mean it wont fit nicely? Afterall the mini is smaller than the 3.G.

Someone else today told me, that iTrip will work, but look stupid (much to large). The connector should be fine, but does anyone know if 3.G Software works on the mini?

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2005-02-24, 14:41

The iTrip works. During a road trip, my 40 gig died and we used my iTrip on my buddies mini (he didn't bring his). It was large and funny looking, but worked.
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2005-02-26, 03:00

Originally Posted by Felix.Schlesinger
Luca, how can the Dock not work if the connector is the same? Do you mean it wont fit nicely? Afterall the mini is smaller than the 3.G.
If you look at the bottom of the 3G iPod, it's kinda curved along the edges. The mini has a bottom with sharp edges. I'm not sure if the mini will fit in far enough to touch the dock connector well, but even if it does, it won't be a comfortable fit.
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