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Diy Phillips goLite Blu, for treating seasonal depression

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Diy Phillips goLite Blu, for treating seasonal depression
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2010-11-08, 15:58

A lot of people, including myself, suffer from seasonal depression. I live in London - there's hardly any sunlight at all.

Phillips has this device, which seems like a bit of a scam. A board with a bunch of LEDs, and they change $150 for that. F that...but I still want to treat my depression...

So what did I do? I used the eyedropper tool to get the exact color of the blue light in the photo, and set my MacBook Pro to glow at that color using the awesome app Nocturne (which in an earlier post, I had explained how I used it to prevent the inhibition of melatonin at late hours in the night).

I can't possibly imagine that the body only reacts to a very slim range of wavelengths, but you never know. Is there a good way to get my computer to glow at 480nm?
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2010-11-08, 16:42

Why not just buy a bright light, and stick a sheet of Lee 201 over it. Gel is about 4-5UKP a sheet.

In London, many places will sell it. White Light in Wimbledon will help, and Stage Electrics has online shopping, even.

I imagine it'll be way more effective than messing with your computer's colour balance. More powerful too.

Even the "daylight balanced" bulbs you can buy will probably do the job.

The computer is a versatile tool...but it's not every tool. Sometimes the solution is outside the computer!
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