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Please Don't Trust Us, Inc®

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Please Don't Trust Us, Inc®
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The Ban Hammer
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Boyzeee
2019-09-04, 15:23

This thread's purpose is simple:

Post data breaches, [prove-ably false] phony promises, and other such "Please Don't Trust Us, Inc.®" data breaches, fake news (tech-related, please—no politics), etc.

Also, I am sticking this thread because these data breaches affect many of Applenova's members and you should all keep up on where your data is being abused.

FaceBook just had a server breach that exposed user names and telephone numbers affecting roughly 200 U.S., Vietnam, and U.K. users. I have never given FaceBook my telephone number (this is why), but I can in no way prove that they have not been able to collect it from someone else.

Anyway, these big tech companies and their data breaches demonstrate that "customer security and privacy" are just buzzwords that mean nothing in reality.

Boise State! … Boise State! … Boise State!
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