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iPhone email/data questions

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iPhone email/data questions
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I am worthless beyond hope.
Join Date: May 2006
2007-09-07, 19:59

As mentioned in another recent post ("more random iPhone feedback"), I've been in Mexico for work for the last two weeks. I've been avoiding using EDGE as much as possible since AT&T's foreign data roaming charges can add up fast.

That said, I'm unclear re: the under-the-hood aspects of Mail on iPhone. When I click into Mail and it checks for new messages, it appears only the headers and/or a part of each message are actually downloaded, with the body of the message -- particularly if an HTML message -- being downloaded only if the particular email is read (??). Does anyone know if this is true?

If I check my email and 10 email headers are downloaded at 2-3 kb each, that's not too bad/costly, especially if I'm trying to get something done. But I can't really tell if Mail is downloading the full message before they even pop up in my Inbox or if it's only downloading the headers and waiting for me to select the one(s) I want to read.

Thanks very much.
I am worthless beyond hope.
Join Date: May 2006
2007-09-11, 16:33

Have I stumped the esteemed crowd here with the above questions?

Thanks for any feedback.
owner for sale by house
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Charlotte, NC
2007-09-11, 16:46

When you're on EDGE, you should notice the delay if it only downloads the message when you click/tap it. If it's instant or close to instant, it has downloaded the entire message.
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