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iPhone questions

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iPhone questions
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2008-10-20, 10:35

My wife's laptop is slowly dying (2002 PBG4, the drive is starting to sound... y'know... funny, and it has other issues), and we're looking at replacements.

The obvious route is a new MacBook. She's really backed off from her laptop use in the past couple of months though, and uses it mostly for email and RSS reading, with the occasional casual game thrown in.

I've also been trying to convince her that she wants (translation: I want ) an iPhone, which she's just scoffed at.

This morning I pointed out to her that the iPhone would do most of what she wants to do with her laptop most of the time. While there are definitely things that she wouldn't be able to do (iPhoto, iWeb, etc), we're also going to be upgrading the home 'server' soon, (come on, update or drop the damned mini, would you??) and she could do those there.

There are a couple of things that she would want to do frequently, however, that I'm not sure would be easily possible on the iPhone:

1) She often saves web pages and portions of web pages (images) as PDFs for archiving - recipes, pottery walkthroughs, patterns, etc. (She has a *massive* collection of 19th c. artwork 'how tos' that she's gathered over the years.) Can you save pages/parts of pages in Safari? Can you sync those back to a host Mac? I don't care if it's a native solution or not, I'm looking for *a* solution.

2) If you can't sync... can you print? I'm assuming not, but I thought I'd see if anyone had come up with a solution there. (CUPS on a jailbroken phone maybe?)

3) There is no #3.

Seriously, if she could save web pages, this might replace the vast majority of what she uses her laptop for.
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2008-10-20, 10:37

As far as I know, the answer to both questions is no. I'm not aware of any save-to-PDF software for the iPhone, and jailbreak software is pretty scant for the 2.0 OS. (Not that there was any printing software for the first OS, either.)
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2008-10-20, 10:40

You can save images from webpages and they sync to your Mac. It won't allow her to save webpages but she can at least collect images that way.
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2008-10-20, 10:41

The closest to syncing webpage snapshots to a make is if you use the iPhone's built-in screenshot feature. It'll only snap what's showing on the screen at the time, and it'll be at iPhone display resolution so it probably isn't an ideal solution for your desires, but it is there.
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2008-10-20, 10:49

It sounds like your wife should be using Evernote to catalogue all of these things she saves from the web.

While there isn't a way, that I know of, to save stuff from Mobile Safari to the Evernote App, you can email anything to Evernote for safe keeping. So if she came across a site she wanted to save, she could click the iPhone's mail link to this page deal and have it sent to her Evernote account. Then, everything in Evernote is stored remotely so it's accessible on any machine.

But other than that, there is no real way to save (other than images) or print from the iPhone. If you don't go with Evernote, it sounds like the best bet is to do some sort of remote storage third-party app that allows for syncing.

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