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Issue with external displays (TV) and resuming from sleep

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Issue with external displays (TV) and resuming from sleep
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Prague, CZ
2005-11-18, 04:42

I have a couple of questions about external displays and sleep. Previously when I connected to my TV set, I didnt know it was "better" to sleep the computer first, so I would simply plug it in, use detect displays, select the resolution for the TV and that was it. Once done same thing, disconnect the cables and then do detech displays again.

I recently read (on apples site I think), an article that said that the best method is to sleep the computer, wake it and then it will detect the displays itself, so I decided to try this method.

I put the powerbook to sleep - connected the TV-Out (S-Video) lead and woke the computer, entered the password and sure enough my desktop appeared on the TV. When I checked though, it had set the display as an extended display rather than mirrored, which I had to set manually, is there anyway to set it so that when a TV is connected it would set to mirrored?

Secondly, when we had finished watching, I slept the powerbook again, disconnected the cables and then tried to wake it. It got as far as a blue screen (same colour as the backdrop behind the login screen) with only the mouse pointer visible (no beachball, just the standard pointer) and stayed there. I left it for around 15 minutes but nothing happened, no sounds of any hdd activity, no beachball, nothing. I then tried the keyboard and any keys or key combination I pressed played the sound that lets you know you cant/arent supposed to do that. After another 15 minutes I hard powered off the powerbook and restarted.

When it started back up (which took a while) it was ok, I ran a disk check and verified/repaired permissions just in case (does this do anything?) but Id like to understand what happened and what I can do if it happens next time? It seems its easier to just leave the powerbook on and use detect displays.

Has anyone else had this?


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