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Refurb iPhones in supply, they're unlocked...what all does that mean exactly?

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Refurb iPhones in supply, they're unlocked...what all does that mean exactly?
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Mr. Vieira
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Tennessee
2023-02-23, 03:55

For months, Apple has only offered various iPhone 11 models as refurbs. Tonight, I see the 12 mini ($489) is available and some others. Still haven't seen any 13 models (mini or otherwise). Even the 12 is miles beyond what I have in processor, graphics, capacity, screen and battery life. And camera.

It says on the site they're "unlocked".

I'm with AT&T, so what, exactly, does that even mean? Can I just take the little SIM out of my current first-gen SE (which will turn seven in April) and put it in this and it'll work? I'll be buying it outright, not needing to actually go through AT&T for anything (payments, plan changes...I'm happy with everything right now).

If I got one of those refurb 12 minis, what, exactly do I do when it arrives? Never bought a phone this way, so I wasn't sure.

Update: all the $489 128GB models are gone. All that's left for the 12 mini are the 256GB models starting at $589.

I sure wish Apple had done this past go-around what they'd done in the previous 2-3. Keep last year's lineup around, for $100 off. I'd rather get a 13 mini at the discounted price vs. refurb. The 13 mini is available but not as cheap as I was hoping for/expecting in September.

Oh well...

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2023-02-23, 04:13

Unlocked means not tied to a carrier.

Can I just take the little SIM out of my current first-gen SE (which will turn seven in April)
Space Pirate
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
2023-02-23, 08:23

Yes, just not tied to a carrier. If the size is different from your old one you can go into a store for your carrier and they'll help you.

Lord of the Rant.
Formerly turtle2472
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Upstate South Carolina
2023-02-23, 09:08

Yep, as the others have said, if it is unlocked then you can pull your SIM from your old phone and stick it in the new one. I did that recently going from my 11 Pro to the 13 mini I have.

I'm also really 100% positive that the SIM in any SE is the same as all iPhones use. And I looked it up and I'm right, they have used the same SIM for YEARS now.

So find the deal on a phone you want that is unlocked and order it. When it comes in set it up and move the SIM from your old phone to the new one.

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Selfish Heathen
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2023-02-23, 10:00

Every single iPhone I've owned has been unlocked, and I've swapped the SIM from the old to new exactly like this. I always advocate people to get the unlocked models so they don't have to buy a whole new phone to switch carriers or travel outside the country.

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