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Funny Amazon Reviews

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Funny Amazon Reviews
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2011-10-04, 09:24

I was reading a blog post somewhere the other day that compiled a bunch of really funny Amazon product reviews. Most of them were sarcastic, but a few maybe were real. Anyway, it inspired me to write my own "fake review". I chose the Trapper Keeper after having a bit of 80's nostalgia. Here's the review:

I remember fondly the Trapper Keeper from my youth. It was a must-have accessory for any cool kid. But sadly, the Trapper Keeper has not kept up with the Joneses. So, for now, I'm going to stick with my iPad 2.

Impervious to electromagnetic surges
Don't have to worry about dropping it
It doesn't need a case
Battery lasts forever
Seriously, this thing never seems to need re-charging
Compatible with other "paper-based" binder formats

No touchscreen LCD
Doesn't have the latest dual-core CPU or even an ARM processor
Encourages destruction of the rain forests
Who uses paper these days, anyway? Kids?
Can't play Angry Birds on it - in fact, there isn't even an App Store
Kind of bulky
Limited to storage of paper files
0 RAM!!!
Apparently, it's not upgradable - you have to buy a new one every year!
If you find or write any funny reviews on Amazon, post them here!
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