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YouTube Idiocy

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YouTube Idiocy
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The Ban Hammer
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Boyzeee
2023-05-12, 15:28

I know we have a Stupid Things You Saw On YouTube link somewhere, but I decided to start a new thread for YouTube idiots getting their taste of reality.

I watched this video and wondered, and then I watched a breakdown and rolled my eyes. And now dude is getting his taste of reality.

There's a lot of great YouTube content, and there's a lot of idiots faking stuff to get likes and ad revenue. I'm glad this guy burned himself down. He lost his license, and plead guilty to a felony that will keep him out of the air for a very long time.

What an embarrassment.

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Mr. Anderson
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Tennessee
2023-05-12, 17:07

What I can’t understand - beyond simple 21st century terminal attention-whoredom in many - are all the people who not only film themselves doing stupid and/or illegal stuff, but then decide to upload/share it with a planet full of total strangers.

The TikTokification of the culture, where likes/clicks/comments/attention/follows/subscriptions somehow trump and outweigh all else.

Y’all know my feelings on morons and attention whores. Just glad he’s being held accountable and has to answer for his behavior. Doesn’t happen enough.

Being a detective or investigator should be easier now than any other time in history, with so many clowns insisting on documenting/sharing their boneheadery. And still manage to act shocked/surprised when they wind up in trouble. Do they think cops and D.A.’s don’t have internet access or know how to use YouTube?!

My favorite group of all is stupid criminals. Nothing warms my heart/brings a smile to my face quite like morons getting in trouble with the law because they posted the evidence for all to see.

Imagine being that stupid and desperate for views/attention. The stuff people could’ve gotten away with if not for the constant, steady call of InstaTwitFaceTok and a few minutes of “Internet fame”!
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