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?Mac Mini?
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New Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
2005-01-19, 16:18

I know there is already a mac mini post and am sorry, but I am really looking for peoples opinions fast.
Im thinking about converting to mac, but dont know what to get specs. wise here is what I have. Im trying to keep it at 790.00 or less. I want something that wont be real slow, and will last for a few years.

1.25 ghz
40 gig hd
512 memory upgrade
wireless keyboard and mouse
superdrive upgrade
total 780.00 w/ edu discount


1.42 ghz
80 gig hd
512 memory upgrade
superdrive upgrade
total 781.00 w/edu discount

I figure I need the 512 mb ram because everyone says that Mac Os X needs it, but I dont know about the processor speed and hard drive specs. Like I said I would like something that runs decent and wont freeze while im surfing internet listening to itunes, talkin on aim, and typing something in apple works.

ANy suggestions welcome.
High Monarch of MacDebate
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Kuwait
2005-01-19, 16:23

i would go with option 2
Selfish Heathen
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Zone of Pain
2005-01-19, 16:24

Purchasing advice = General Discussion. Moving...

That said, I can already hear the crowds chanting "don't buy Apple's RAM!" already. I'll let someone else explain why.
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2004
2005-01-19, 16:25

Well, the most barebones mini configuration will not freeze while you are doing all those things you listed. As for the other points, I personally would go with the bigger hard drive because I know I could use the space. The wireless keyboard and mouse are nice, but you might be better off springing for the faster processor/bigger hard drive (the HD's the key for me) and using a cheaper KB and mouse.
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Minnesota
2005-01-19, 16:34

1.25 vs. 1.42 GHz won't make a perceptible difference. You're definitely right about upgrading the RAM, that will make a much larger difference. As for the other stuff - I see that on the first one, you have the wireless keyboard and mouse, while on the second one you have Bluetooth but no wireless keyboard or mouse. Do you really need Bluetooth? I mean, if you're not going to be using the wireless keyboard and mouse, the only reason you'd need it is to use a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. Also, consider whether you really want the Superdrive. Do you want to be able to burn DVDs? They're great for backups, but I don't even find myself burning CDs very often (of course, I have a huge amount of hard drive space).

It would be nice to know how you use your computer. How much hard drive space are you using up? The 80 GB hard drive upgrade is probably a good choice for only $50. Do you need extra USB ports or do you not really use any USB devices? Because if you need more USB ports, you may have to either buy a USB hub, or get an Apple keyboard so you get the USB ports on the keyboard.

Ideally, I'd go for this setup:

1.25 GHz ($479)
512 MB RAM upgrade ($67)
80 GB hard drive upgrade ($45)
Combo drive
No wireless
Apple keyboard (no mouse, buy it by itself elsewhere on Apple's site) ($26)
Total: $617 + tax and the cost of a mouse

For a mouse, you can always buy Apple's $26 one-button mouse. But I'd say go with something else. If you're used to a two-button mouse with a scroll wheel, it'll work perfectly on the Mac. There are contextual menus just like in Windows. You just don't have to rely on them as much in OS X, but they're still useful. If you don't already have a USB mouse you can use, I'd recommend the Kensington PilotMouse Optical that Apple sells on their site for $20. It's a very comfortable mouse and I own one myself (although I'm not using it at the moment).

EDIT: The 512 MB RAM upgrade is not a bad deal if you buy through Apple. Really, I know it sounds weird, but it's true. It costs $75 ($67 with an edu discount) and that's to get rid of the 256 MB and put in a 512 MB. Now, I know that's kind of a steep price, but compare it to buying a 512 MB yourself (for around $75), cracking open the case, installing it, and then selling the 256 MB for $30 or so. You'll save about $30, but you have a lot more hassle. Don't buy 1 GB from Apple though, THAT is truly a ripoff.
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